Troy Foods is a Leeds based manufacturer
of prepared vegetables, dressed salads,
mayonnaise and dressings operating from
two manufacturing sites.

We specialise in short shelf life, highly perishable products that require very responsive
and flexible manufacturing and delivery schedules to fulfil our customers' requirements.

Salad processing service


approved Salad site produces a comprehensive range of dressed salads such as coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salads, couscous noodles and dips.

On-site Mayonnaise Production


We offer mayonnaises and dressings made to customer requirements using conventional stabilising systems or 'clean'
store cupboard ingredient recipes.

Vegetable processing service


With BRC and ORGANIC approvals, the Vegetable factory processes a huge range of root and salad products. We receive deliveries direct from farmers and agents with whom we have long established relationships.

Distribution and Logistics Service


Troy Foods operates a modern fleet of articulated vehicles, delivering across the UK into our customers manufacturing sites or consolidation depots for further distribution. We supplement this
using local and national contractors.

The business was founded in the 1920's wholesaling vegetables and moved into processing vegetables in the 1980's. Eventually this developed into value added lines such as dressed salads in the 1990's and more recently the manufacture of mayonnaise.

A progressive company always looking to expand all business operations were consolidated into one purpose built factory in 1999.

This site rapidly reached capacity and the business acquired another site in Leeds, constructing a state of the art 38,000sq ft salads manufacturing unit.

In 2009, the business started to manufacture mayonnaises and dressings. It now prides itself in having one of the largest capacity production units in the UK.

Running our own fleet of modern delivery vehicles, we deliver nationwide and internationally as our customers require, utilising 3rd party hauliers when necessary.

The business is owned and run by the founding family, now into the third generation! This significantly improves our ability to respond rapidly and decisively to customer requests requiring action on product or capital investment.

Investment extends beyond the manufacturing units. A full management infrastructure is in place at each location, including head office functions and a fully integrated manufacturing system across the two sites. These help to maintain a smooth and competent response to the ever changing needs of our customers.

Soil Association Certification

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