Joining Our Family

All our Workers at Troy Foods are commonly known as Trojan Warriors. We fight every day to achieve the best in what we do and won't be beaten by machine breakdowns, lack of product to make or negative mind sets.

Troy Foods words of wisdom passed onto someone joining the business

'I would say, no two days are the same, and the challenges will either make or break you. Be strong, be confident, but don't be disrespectful and try and get on with the rest of the family members. Some you'll love, some you'll hate and others will fall in between but find a common connection that will bind you together to be able to work together for the common strategy of our business. Try and remove barriers, don't place yourself on a high pedestal because that belongs to one man (my Father) and embrace the culture'.

We take people from all walks of life, with various difference backgrounds. Personality is just as important to us as skills, capabilities and ability. Attitude is everything.

Temporary Vacancies

All our temporary vacancies are recruited via our on-site agency 24/7 Recruitment Services. Their contact details are below, along with vacancies that they regularly recruit for.

Permanent Vacancies

Permanent vacancies are readily available on our website with all the information you require to apply.

Please note we only work with E3 Recruitment Ltd, who are our first tier permanent supply of personnel to our business.

If you have been approached by any other agency, they will not be representing Troy Foods.

The Recruitment Process

  1. Every individual is taken through an assessment. If you apply direct, our Recruitment Department will read through your application to match the skills required for the job against your CV and work experience.
  2. You will then be contacted to arrange a suitably convenient time for a telephone interview to assess your personality, skills, attributes and capabilities against our culture, the department and the role.
  3. Once this has been completed the Recruitment Department will provide feedback on your application.
  4. If successful, you will be invited in for a face to face interview, which is usually conducted at our Intermezzo Drive site.
  5. Before your face to face interview, we will send you the job advert, job description, and a copy of our 'About Us' presentation for you to be able to read through and know about the business you are joining.
  6. Interviews are a two-way process, so it's really important you understand the business you are joining, just as much as it is important to get a new job!
  7. After your first face to face interview, dependent on the process set out for the individual job, you may be required to attend the actual site you will be working at for a face to face interview and a site tour with a Senior Manager / Director or the Head of HR & Training.
  8. After the final interview, we will provide feedback on your application as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on providing positives and negatives to everyone that attends interviews with our business, based on factual information.
  9. If successful, you will be made a formal offer of employment by email, along with a copy of the job description you will be accepted into the business on.
  10. You will then confirm your personal information to ourselves, a start date, and a new starter pack will be emailed to you and posted out to you within 7 days.

Your First Day At Troy Foods

Every individual is met by the HR team at the Intermezzo Drive site for their in-depth induction to the business, where we will take you through

  • Site Rules
  • Food Hygiene Level 2
  • H&S level 2

Following your induction you will complete your new starter documents and the HR & Training Department will go through your conditions of employment along with all the relevant documentation that accompany's your employment.

After your mammoth, signing your life away session (and hopefully learning something too!), you will join your department, where your line manager will take you around the business for a tour and introduce you to the key people on site.

If you are coming in at Manager level, you will have a bespoke induction plan made for you to be able to follow during your first few weeks of employment.

The Recruitment & Onboarding department will also be in contact with you to ensure you have settled in well and have no issues that need addressing.