Our M:A:Y:O production facility is based at the Hunslet factory. The site harbours extensive equipment and hard-working employees, enabling Troy to produce mayonnaise in various quantities and sizes. We are as such, able to meet any customer requirement and specification.

Own Brand

Also based at the Hunslet factory, our own brand mayonnaise unit is BRC and M&S audited and approved. We produce an extensive range of the finest dressings and mayonnaise varieties, packaged to the customers individual requirement.  This enables a large degree of flexibility for Troy, allowing us to adhere to many different requirements to our customers all over the UK.

Our own brand products can be made from conventionally reared or free range eggs, with traditional stabilising systems and utilising 'clean' store cupboard ingredients in trend with consumer demands.

Our mayonnaise product reaches diverse customers, from retailers, manufacturers and food service, to caterers and wholesalers, and can be applied in a wide range of uses, such as sandwiches, salads, savoury dips and fillings and toppings.

M:A:Y:O Brand

Also BRC and M&S approved, our M:A:Y:O brand comes in a variety of options, from free-range to everyday mayo to premium. We keep up to speed with the latest innovations, regularly updating our ingredients to ensure to comply with our customer needs.

Our product maintains adaptability to customer requirements without compromising quality or flavour. In a recent taste test, M:A:Y:O was preferred against the leading table mayonnaise brand, testament to the tenacity of our development processes which go into achieving such a high quality product. This high quality is recognised by our customers which range from retailers to caterers.


Our salads are freshly prepared, making them a great addition to any food to go, barbecue and salad range.

We provide two alternatives for our customers, own label and S:A:L:A:D:S. Own label allows customers to design a personal specification for us to match, or allow us to develop a recipe aligned with their requirements.

Alternatively, S:A:L:A:D:S gives the option of a more 'food ready' product, with a variety of sizes and specifications, which are already sold in retailers nationwide.

Own Brand

Troy's BRC approved Hunslet factory manufactures an extensive range of freshly prepared and dressed salads, including coleslaw, quinoa, edamame bean, potato salad, beetroot salad, pasta salad and couscous, to name a few. These encompass a variety of eye-catching packaging styles, with the all-important ingredient and allergens information.

Our product portfolio stretches beyond coleslaw, potato salads and pasta salads. Savoury dips, food to go snacks and speciality salads made with bulgur wheat, couscous and rice are some of the items that widen our range to suit any customer need. Our knowledgeable and experienced New Product Development Department, work alongside customers to ensure their individual brief is matched with the latest market trends and developments.

Our range of coleslaw and potato salad varieties gives customers unique options to fit their requirements. From basic or value recipes, to reduced calorie, standard and luxury recipes, we are able to adapt to any specification given to us.

At Troy Foods, we pride ourselves in being the largest coleslaw and salads manufacturing company in the UK, and this is testament to our promise and delivery on Quality and Excellence from specification to delivery.

This quality is certainly not spared in our choice of pasta, using only the finest Italian durum wheat semolina pasta, sourced from the highest quality producers in the UK. We have a diverse size range, from 40g to 2kg, suitable for retail, wholesale and food service applications.

S:A:L:A:D:S Brand

Our company S:A:L:A:D:S brand is not only the UK's leading and fastest growing brand of prepared salads, it is also BRC audited and approved. Our range is constantly being reviewed and updated by our New Product Development Department to ensure we are adding new products encompassing ingredients which suit the seasonality of the products made. The S:A:L:A:D:S brand is a cost-effective solution for a retailer wanting an off-the-shelf, food-to-go product.


Our freshly prepared vegetables are no exception to Troy's quality and excellence, produced and delivered to a wide range of customers throughout the UK by our own fleet of chilled logistic vehicles. As such, our produce can be made for bulk order within 24 hours, testament to the employees’ and drivers hard work and efficiency at Royd's Farm Road.

Our BRC audited and approved processing factory achieves a range of cuts, using methods of peeling, slicing and dicing on a wide variety of vegetables, to the customer requirement. Our technical team has extensive knowledge of food preservation, enabling Troy to manage the shelf life of the produce being delivered, retaining our reputation of quality and excellence nationwide.

We prepare and produce bagged retail, ready-to-cook Vegetables for own label customers, and through the Troy brand V:E:G:E:T:A:B:L:E:S.

Processed Vegetables

Here at Troy we pride ourselves in being able to deliver a high quality product, on time and in line with customer requirements. Our excellent buying department have close relationships with Farmers, Growers and Agronomists to ensure that they are sourcing the highest quality vegetables for processing retaining flavour and sufficient shelf-life.

At Royd's Farm Road we also produce 'tray bake' style vegetables for a large number of retailers throughout the UK. Some of our products include: Roast Potatoes with Goose Fat; Mediterranean Vegetables; Cauliflower cheese and Sweet Potato wedges. Our range is constantly developing in line with consumer demands and new trends, enabling us to be one of the top processed vegetable producers in the UK.

V:E:G:E:T:A:B:L:E:S Brand

Our V:E:G:E:T:A:B:L:E:S brand is ideal for retailers who need a cost-effective range of ready-to-cook vegetables. We prepare a wide range of produce, from ready to cook broccoli, to crudité baton carrots. Our expert vehicle fleet team are able to deliver our products all over the UK, allowing us to make and deliver products within 24 hours from ordering. V:E:G:E:T:A:B:L:E:S also comprises of ready-to-bake prepped vegetables, in a wide range of options, including seasonal products such as Brussel sprouts and winter vegetables.