Mayonnaise & Dips

Our mayo manufacturing facility is based at our Hunslet Manufacturing facility and we can make our mayo in various sizes and quantities required.

From 2 litre buckets, through to pallecons, our customers can have their requirement.

We can match any specification you currently work to, or you can.

Own Brand

Our BRC & M&S audited and approved mayonnaise production unit lies within the Salads manufacturing location and produces a wide range of dressings and mayonnaise made to your specification and comes packaged in a wide variety of packaging options, tailored to your individual needs.

We offer mayonnaises, dips and dressings made from conventionally reared or free range eggs, with traditional stabilising systems and utilising 'clean' store cupboard ingredients in trend with consumer demands. These can be ambient stable or can be chilled through our in-line systems, according to the application and the product's recipe.

Our mayonnaise is used in a wide range of applications from catering, sandwiches, salads, savoury dips, fillings or toppings. It is available in 2.5, 5 and 10 litre pails up to 1 tonne palecons.

Our customers include retailers, food service, caterers, wholesalers and other food manufacturers.

M:A:Y:O Brand

Our m:a:y:o brand is BRC audited and approved, and comes in a variety of options from free range, everyday mayo, to premium. We regularly update the ingredients with the latest innovations to ensure you have the best product to compliment your customers' needs.

The m:a:y:o brand is a cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on quality and provides an off-the-shelf product for the more brand-conscious Chef, caterer and wholesaler. In a recent taste test m:a:y:o beat the market leading table brand of mayonnaise, which is testament to the tenacity of our development processes that go into achieving the high quality product. Customers of our m:a:y:o brand include retailers, food service, caterers, wholesalers and the care industry for their service users' foods.


We freshly prepare our prepared salads, making them a satisfying addition to your food to go and barbeque and salads range.

We provide two types of ranges for our customers, own label, whereby we can match any specification you have or we can develop a showcase of market innovations to showcase products for us to make through to the end for your business.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more 'food ready' product, then you can select from our own brand of salads products, being the S:A:L:A:D:S brand. Sold in many retailers throughout the UK, we can cater to the individual size you require for your shelves.

Own Brand

Our BRC approved Salads manufacturing site produces a comprehensive range of freshly prepared, dressed salads such as coleslaw, quinoa, Edamame bean, potato salad, beetroot salad, cous cous, and pasta salads in a variety of pots, labels accompanied with tasteful artwork and stringently vetted ingredient declarations.

Coleslaw, potato salads and pasta salads take up most of the standard lines produced, but these are accompanied in our product portfolio by savoury dips, sandwich fillings, food to go snacks, and speciality salads made with bulgur wheat, cous cous, beans and rice, to name a few. Our talented and experienced New Product Development team work with a variety of customers to ensure their individual briefs are uniquely matched with latest market developments and trends. The team develop close relationships with Buyers and source the most innovative ingredients to accompany their discerning customers.

The coleslaw and potato staple lines extend from basic or value recipes through to reduced calorie, standard and premium ranges according to our customers' requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what the customer wants on time and in full.

Our pasta products use only the finest Italian durum wheat semolina pasta, sourced from the finest Italian producers.

These salad products can be filled in sizes ranging from 40g to 2kg in a variety of packaging formats, suited to retail, wholesale and food service applications.

S:A:L:A:D:S Brand

Our S:A:L:A:D:S brand is the UKs leading brand of prepared salads and is also BRC audited and approved. The S:A:L:A:D:S portfolio is constantly being refreshed and updated by our talented New Product Development team. New additions are being added every season using the best ingredients that suit the seasonality of the products made. The S:A:L:A:D:S brand is a cost-effective solution for an off-the-shelf product for those retailers who want an off the shelf, food-to-go product. We are proud our S:A:L:A:D:S brand is the UK's leading brand of prepared salads and is the fastest growing brand out in the marketplace.


Our Freshly prepared vegetables can be made to order within 24 hours for bulk order and are made for a range of customers throughout the UK.

With our own fleet of vehicles we can deliver your products to you direct.

A range of slices, dices and cuts available with any vegetable. Our onsite vegetable sourcing specialists can source the most exotic of vegetables to process ready for your requirements.

Our Technical expertise allow for us to stringently manage the shelf life of your chosen products in order to be able to deliver a quality product to you.

We also process and make bagged retail, ready-to-cook Vegetables both for own label customers throughout the UK and via our own brand V:E:G:E:T:A:B:L:E:S.

Ready to roast vegetables, such as goose fat roast potatoes, winter roast vegetables, Mediterranean summer roast veg

Processed Vegetables

The BRC approved Vegetable Processing Site produces prepared vegetables in a range of shapes and sizes for the food manufacturing and catering industry. We accommodate our customers' needs by sourcing the most unique vegetables with our in-house procurement specialists to enhance their products for their customers. We work closely with New Product Development & Technical teams to understand the end process to ensure our product can be made, dispatched and delivered in line with their production times and product lines to safeguard the end product is the best quality.

Our bulk lines of potato, carrot and onion are accompanied by our miscellaneous products such as processed herbs, sweet potatoes, swede, peppers, chillies and other exotic vegetables and dinner accompaniments. From Plant to Plate, our Commercial Director works closely with Farmers, Growers and Agronomists across the UK to invest in innovative farming techniques to develop the best produce for the enhancement of flavour and quality.

We also produce tray baked vegetables for a number a retailers throughout the UK such as ready to roast goose-fat potatoes, honey glazed parsnips, Mediterranean vegetables, sweet potato wedges, cauliflower cheese, premium Brussel sprouts tray bakes accompanied with either bacon and chestnuts in a butter glaze and or accompanied with rockfort cheese and pine nuts, to name a few. We are constantly growing our ready-to-roast-range with the latest trends and innovations of vegetables and accompaniments for the busy family life to enhance the plate.

V:E:G:E:T:A:B:L:E:S Brand

Our V:E:G:E:T:A:B:L:E brand is BRC audited and approved, and is ideal for retail-ready-veg in a variety of pack sizes and options from ready to cook broccoli and cauliflower stems through to crudité baton carrots, the brand is a cost-effective solution for the retail ready bagged veg industry. We make fresh to order for depots across the UK and aim to make and deliver products within 24 hours of order. The brand also comprises of our own brand V:E:G:E:T:A:B:L:E tray bakes, such as ready-to-roast goose fat potatoes, sweet potato wedges, premium Brussel sprouts and ready-to-roast winter vegetables. We work closely with Growers and Farmers across the UK and industry-wide veterans alongside our New Product Development Team and dedicated Production team to bring you the best quality food to your table.