Patryk Drzewieck, Assistant Dispatch Manager

My name is Patryk and I started working at Troy Foods in 2012 as a Sulphite tester for our potatoes. A new Technical Manager called Dawn joined the business and quickly saw I had brains (and good looks) and decided to give me the opportunity to progress into the Technical Department further. I was then a Trainee QA Technician, utilising my skills in ensuring food safety and quality were up to a high standard. From here I was set projects to challenge, develop and enhance my skills and competencies such as developing a product bible, ensuring internal non-conformance procedures were robustly implemented and getting involved in the social activities of the business.

I have worked hard on the quality of the intake of our products too working alongside James Kempley in his early days in the business. I was quickly developed into a QA Technician and over recent years have taken a liking into Production and Dispatch. A recent opportunity came up in the Dispatch Department to be a Assistant Dispatch Manager. I applied for the job and was selected after a thorough interviewing process. I am now going on a personal development route that will develop my management skills and ensure we have a business that is robust and ensures the right products get to the right customer on time and in specification.

Troy Foods is a fun, but very hard working culture. We always ensure we are direct, straight talking and straight to the point. It is such a fast paced business that some people don't like it and can't keep up, so don't stand the test of time. I love the people I work with and the Family who own the business, the Kempleys; they make us all feel proud to work with them.

I would say for anyone thinking of joining Troy Foods, don't expect an easy ride, but expect to be challenged and rewarded in equal amounts. The opportunities are there for everyone, you just have to have the brains to get on, be ambitious and ensure you work with the team.