Dannika Bennett, HR Officer

I joined the business in January 2016 as a HR Assistant. It was initially planned that I would be enrolled on my Level 3 CIPD diploma in HR after 6 months service. In April 2016 due to my Manager, Gemma, recognising my potential, she enrolled me earlier on a higher qualification. Gemma quickly realised I was keen to progress and within the department I proved myself very quickly. She then gave me the opportunity to become a HR Officer which I jumped at. In June 2016, an further opportunity came up in the team for me to develop into a higher role. I was a initially a little reluctant to take on any further responsibilities (with me being relatively new to the business). However , Gemma provided me with the confidence and guidance that I needed in order to develop and utilise my skillset.

I have since learned many things, both with Gemma's guidance and on my own . I have jumped at the chance to attend all sorts of different courses and seminars , all of which the company have been supportive of. I am now being developed into my next role which will align my development with the future objectives of the business. This is something I am extremely excited about and will most definitely keep me engaged !

I have achieved my level 5 Diploma in HR Management funded by the company and I am looking forward to the future training and development my Manager has got planned for me.

The culture is unique, particularly in HR because we get involved in so many things such as social media, PR, charity projects along with HR, Employee issues and training. It’s certainly never a dull moment. It is a very fast paced business and no two days are the same. It takes tough people to survive in the HR Department at Troy Foods because of the tumultuous nature of the business, but the rewards are there for those who remain loyal and work hard!