Michael Dziewiecki, Transport Administrator

I joined Troy Foods 7th January 2013. When I received confirmation of my first assignment as a Temporary Production Operative with Troy Foods, I felt appreciated for the opportunity to work for Troy Foods. My first day was spent in the company of colleagues, who were very helpful in training me in my role, it was a pleasant day.

The biggest challenges are meeting customer demands in the short time we have to produce / dispatch and deliver, but as a team these challenges are overcome each day with strong work ethics and teamwork. We all aim for the same outcome.

I started at Troy Foods as a Production Operative, then I moved into Dispatch after a period of mentoring, coaching and training. I was progressed into a Dispatch Supervisor role, where I excelled in my people management skills and my ability to learn new skills quickly and develop other people. I was spotted by the Head of Transport for my ability to ensure the Trucks were loaded correctly and my high attention to detail. I was talking to him about any opportunities within Transport as it is my passion and if there were then I would love to be part of this team. He discussed it with his Manager and I was taken on as a Transport Administrator.

I have now developed into Night Transport Coordinator overseeing the nightly operation of our fleet.

The best reason I can think of about working for Troy Foods is the opportunity to develop yourself. The worst is being the middle man for all three sites, as transport have daily involvement across our three sites, so the job becomes demanding but in an enjoyable way.

In the Transport Department the culture is very demanding and fast moving. We try and cater to everyone's needs within the department.

My goals are to further develop at Troy Foods, at Troy I have developed and I want this to continue. I love my role at Troy Foods and love the people I work with. Most importantly, my Manger values me and wants me to progress and develop as the business grows.