Jewel Heslop, Finance Administrator

I joined Troy Foods in Jan 2009, I was working in retail at the time and was looking for something different and something with hours that fit better with my family life. I was very pleased to find out I had the job and was excited to start but I was also slightly nervous as I had no previous experience in working in an office. My first day with Troy was great, everyone was so nice and welcoming, there was a really good atmosphere in the office, I finished my first day really looking forward to coming back.

My biggest challenge initially was that fact I had not worked in office before but the staff were great and I received lots of training and support and I soon picked up the new skills I needed. I had my second child a few years after starting this role, I’d had a great work/family balance prior to this so to begin with I worried about how I would continue my role at Troy, but Troy were amazing in supporting me in this, they allowed me to amend my hours and to work some days from home and we created a new balance that works really well for both of us.

I feel I have developed a great deal at Troy, from being taken on initially to just help out with the office filing, I was soon learning lots of new roles within the office and I now have some experience in most of the roles within the finance department. I have also completed two NVQ’s and AAT Level 2 and I am currently studying AAT Level 3.

The best thing about working at Troy, for me, is the people and the opportunity for growth. The worst thing? I honestly don’t have a worst thing about working at Troy, I have been with Troy for eight years and I am still very happy here. Troy is a great place to work, it has a family feel and we work as team, We are given the opportunities and support needed to learn and grow.

My goal is to keep improving and learning new skills, Troy are always supporting me to do this, I am given lots of opportunities to be involved in projects and to learn new things. Troy has enabled me to complete my AAT Level 2 and are currently putting me through AAT Level 3.