Peter Moynihan, Warehouse & Dispatch

I joined Troy Foods in November 2009 and I came in as a FLT Driver to help, initially for four weeks. I never envisaged I would have been here 9 years! I worked initially for 6 months on the agency and then I got offered a permanent contract through my hard work and tenacity.

My first day was a bit mad because I did not know anyone or know what to do. Safar Mohebi, Dispatch Supervisor, told me what to do and helped me through my first few nervous weeks. My biggest challenge has been course work throughout my NVQ. Troy Foods invested in me to do a Warehousing NVQ and I undertook this but found it a challenge. My Manager and my work colleagues helped me throughout the course and supported me to ensure I didn't fail, that is the true Troy Spirit of team work; always someone there to help.

I have trained people who are new to the business and I love to help people learn. I have, myself, learned a lot from doing this too. I have developed a lot since I came to Troy Foods. I do a lot of roles here to help a lot of people. I want to develop further within the business and as the business grows I will be anxious to see what opportunities this brings about for me and my career development.

The best things about Troy Foods and my working day is helping people and learning new skills. My Worst days at Troy is if something goes wrong, and we have to say bye to people. People leaving or passing away, people you have met and made a strong bond with. Ian Roberson, the old Production Manager took me under his wing, and when he died in 2015, this was sad for me.

The Culture is very different from any other business I have worked in. Here, we get to meet a lot of different people from religions, countries and backgrounds and its nice to see them coming together for a common goal.

My aspirations and goals for the future will be to do the best in my job, learn as much as I can with help from Troy Foods and develop further in my career with them to help make the business achieve their mission.