Emilia Loranc, Senior NPD Technologist

I joined Troy Foods in 2012 via Agency to work in Production because I wanted to work in the Food Industry. When I were told I have got the job in NPD Department I was so happy and proud of myself that I can finally move on and do something that I aspired to be, i.e. working on developing new products for the business. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to start my new job. My first day was so stressful but I was ready to start a new adventure with NPD.

My Manager helped me overcome these by having a specific training plan and ensuring I was coached and mentored well throughout my training. My biggest challenge was my confidence in my English speaking skills, which I believed would hinder me to be able to develop relationships with my customers, especially as English is my second language. However, I spoke with my Manager about this and she approached the Directors of the business to help pay for me my English Speaking qualification to enhance my skills. I have been on a variety of courses also, such as presenting etc. to build my confidence up. I have also been pushed outside of my comfort zones throughout my career at Troy Foods to focus on my confidence and utilise this in unique opportunities and experiences that I wouldn't have been able to, had I worked for a larger company.

It’s unbelievable how I have developed since I have started. Comparing myself now I can say I am a product expert at Troy Foods in Mayonnaise's, sauces, dips and pasta salads. The best thing about working at Troy is the opportunity I have been given to develop and progress my career. It wouldn’t have happened without support and help of my fantastic manager Lisa Sutcliffe. The worse thing is how extremely busy we can be at times but as a team we always pull it off. We are all like a big family at Troy Foods.

My main goal and aspiration is to be a NPD Manager in the future. I have recently been promoted to Senior NPD Technologist so I am well on my way to this goal. I appreciate all the investment the company have put in to me and this aids me to stay with the business.