Troy Foods Ltd proud to be working with The Princes Trust

11th March 2017 Posted in Company News

The Princes Trust is a charitable foundation for people aged 13-30. Troy Foods were given the unique opportunity to provide their workers with a way back into society to assist them in building their lives.

Last Friday Troy Foods opened its doors for 16 young people who have attended the Princes Trust's integration and work programme. We allocated time and resources to the Princes Trust, to assist these young people in gaining confidence, key employment skills, and most importantly, their first step, their first chance of proving they are worth something and are amazing young people that just need an opportunity to prove their worth.

For many vulnerable young people, the biggest obstacle to securing a better future is securing their first job. A partnership with The Prince's Trust can support unemployed young people by training them towards a career within your company, or your wider sector.
Our partnership’s primary objective is to provide young people with unprivileged backgrounds with a regular job, weekly paid income and a mentor and buddying scheme. Our goals are to enable them to become well-equipped young adults and integrate them into living in a society of opportunity & growth that benefits the local community and most importantly, the people themselves.

They need opportunities to grow and develop and we aim to place them on an NVQ course after 3 months of integration to enhance their skills in the food industry and support their growth with our business.

David Kempley, owner of Troy Foods Ltd advises ‘I was recently invited to London to a Princes Trust awareness day. I was both moved and inspired by the stories and their experiences they shared with the audience that day. Being a Father to four children, it breaks my heart to think there are children out there without the same opportunities. All children are born equal and should have the same fundamental rights; a great education, and opportunities to become something great in life. Being given the opportunity to meet these Young People, this has both encouraged and motivated me to make a pledge to support the Princes Trust and the fundamental work it conducts in the local communities. It is absolutely crucial that companies like mine make space for young people with an unprivileged background. If your company can do the same, then I would recommend to do the same’.

Colleagues have welcomed these Young People with huge care and enthusiasm to integrate them into the Troy Family. As a family business, we care about the local community and our value of family goes through to these young people now.

We wish them well on their journey into the food industry and Troy Foods and look forward to telling the world about their progress within the business.

We would also like to thank Christina Bevan and Cassandra Hughes of the Princes Trust for making this work for both our interests. It has been the most humbling and motivating experience we have had in our time at Troy.

If you would like to get in touch with the Princes Trust and learn how your company can do more for the young in society, contact who can advise of the relevant person to contact for further information.

For more information on the Princes Trust, click the link below: