Production Team

The Production Team are the biggest team on site. They are the epicentre to our operations. They are a hard-working and friendly team. They have a knack for ensuring products are made on time, put into the right fast lane for production processing and packing products to our customers specification.

If you are equally as tenacious, have a passion for food and have a high standard of work, then this is the team for you. This is a great opportunity to join a rapidly growing organisation who are pushing the boundaries of innovation in their sector.

Shayne Barker

Factory Manager, Salads Operations

Shayne joined the business in July 2017 to head up the Salads Production operations. He joined the business with his knowledge of producing products for Asda, Waitrose, M&S, Morrisons and Tesco. He has a knack for spotting mistakes and ensuring things are right all the time. He joined the business at a time of growth and expansion to enhance the workforce and support the Assistant Production Managers in their growth and development. He is committed to the strategy of the Salads Operations and will work alongside Peter Canetti, Managing Director of the Salads operations in ensuring the growth we achieve is sustainable with excellent results for our customers and suppliers.

His passions are developing people and getting it 'right first time'. With this knowledge and passion, the business is supporting in Shayne development and growth to ensure the right people are in the right place to develop our Trojan Warriors.

Shayne lives with his wife in Normanton, which was a stones throw from the factory. He has amazing hand writing and looks amazing in a Troy 'body warmer' (not Gillet!).


Telephone: 0113 383 8400

Steve Johnson

Factory Manager, Veg Operations

Steve is a self-professed 'know it all' and a bit like Ronseal paint, does exactly what he says (on the tin!). He really does know how to get the best yields, factory performance and product quality out of the products and our people. His aim on a daily basis is to smash the previous days targets, ensure we train, develop and empower our workforce and ensure quality and safety is not compromised on the way.

Steve truly embodies the development of his staff, having developed a number of people into higher roles in the business. He has a knack for knowing what to do and makes the right decisions on people and our products.


Telephone: 0113 383 8400