Supply Chain & Planning

Our Stock control and planning department are known as our Supply Chain division. They plan our lines, ensure the right stock is in the right place at the right time, conduct stock checks, manage relationships with our suppliers to engage them and be able to pull in favours when the going gets tough. They also manage the relationships with the customers in terms of being able to predict the future by managing their expectations in terms of capacity, requirements and long term customer strategies. They ensure this information is fed back into the business, which, in turn, strengthens the relationships we have with our customers. They work with all departments to plan our lines as efficiently as possible, ensuring the product reaches the customer in time.

They are good with numbers, have excellent attention to detail and know our ingredients, packaging and people like the back of their hands.

Nigel Smith

Planning & Stock Manager

Nigel joined the business in 2015 from the fresh food industry. Initially brought in to Manage the Production Department, he oversaw this function throughout 2015 and 2016. However, an opportunity arose in 2017 for a Planning & Stock Manager at our Salads Manufacturing Facility. Nigel was selected due to his previous wealth of knowledge in the Planning sector in his previous roles. Being a 'Master Planner' in his previous role, Nigel and his team work relentlessly to produce variance reports, stock reports, counts and manage the ordering of ingredients and packaging.

Key areas of focus within an ever changing and expanding business include keeping the end to end process as lean as possible. Materials stock holding needs to be at an optimum to allow high levels of flexibility to service our manufacturing facility, all the time focusing on customer service and satisfaction.


Telephone: 0113 383 8400