Buying & Procurement

The Buying & Procurement Department are the purse strings of our business. They look at our purchasing strategy, implement it and negotiate excellent rates and terms with our suppliers. They also feed information from the suppliers, such as agronomy reports, crop reports, issues with food cycles, etc. To enable this information to empower the business and its customers, giving us the competitive advantage and making Troy closer to its suppliers.

The Procurement department liaises with NPD, Technical, Planning & Stock and Production to ensure the end to end cycle is analysed in order to feed this information back to suppliers to help us become a stronger unit together.

We are an ethical sourcing group, and therefore do not tolerate being bribed or working with suppliers that support the mistreatment of workers (Modern Slavery). We actively seek out suppliers that want to marry and partner up to the Trojan way of life and values and want to support us on our journey to success. If they empower us, we empower them the Trojan way is simple.

Laura Akers

Salads Site Buyer

Laura joined Troy Foods as Materials Co-ordinator in May 2015. Having worked in the fresh produce industry for over 10 years, she was an instant fit into the world of coleslaw.

She’s currently working towards her MCIPS qualification and hopes to complete within the next 12 months.

She’s highly organised (although her desk doesn’t mirror this mantra) and has her finger firmly on the pulse regarding all aspects of supply. A proactive member of the team, her attention to detail and number crunching skills come in useful whilst always looking ahead to minimize risk to the business.

Laura is a keen foodie, traveller and photographer. Any activity that involves all 3, she’s first to get involved.