New Product Development

With our abundance of ingredients and expertise with vegetables, in our onsite kitchen, we are continuously working with our customers to develop new products for the market.
Troy Foods have a dedicated New Product Development (NPD) team, who are constantly developing new product lines to meet customer needs and expectations. They can work with existing recipes to match or improve them, meeting your specific requirements. The team also spend time researching the food markets to develop brand new products to launch to the food industry.
We have experience in developing products for a range of food types - from dressed salads; such as coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salad; and also mayonnaise, dips, dressings and vegetable tray bakes.
On average, the combined efforts and contributions of all departments of the business develop and successfully launch over 50 new products each year.

We encourage customers to visit our New Product Development and state of the art factories and, if they wish, take an active role in developing their own products together with our knowledgeable NPD team.

In other words…………
Our team consisting of Paul (our giant ex chef), Emilia (our Polish YouTube star) and Emma (youngest but Queen who must be obeyed); all headed up by Lisa (a 40 something cat lady from Rochdale) work very hard at eating out, shopping a lot for food and reading foodie magazines so they can develop nice pretty products.
If it is a Friday the rules are they most probably will contain alcohol and be unhealthy!
If you visit us you will have lots of fun and we will probably get some products developed eventually.
Remember we a veg experts, there is not much we haven’t done with a potato!

Lisa Sutcliffe

Head of New Product Development

Lisa has over 25 years experience in various sectors of Food Manufacturing, working for companies such as Uniq Foods, Gordon Jopling, McCormick UK, Stateside Foods and lastly Troy Foods.. She has worked closely with all the major retailers and discounters as well as food service customers throughout her career.

Amongst her responsibilities as NPD Manager are management of the development team; developing staff, growing new customer accounts, driving the companies innovation and product & process improvement projects.

She lives in Lancashire and commutes to Yorkshire every day, a sure sign of how much she loves her job!

Paul Zalecki

Senior NPD Technologist

Paul is a nutrition graduate, with experience in various chef and process development roles. He brings a male foodie perspective to the team. Amongst his responsibilities are developing his customer accounts, process improvement projects and he is on our internal audit team.

Paul has just got engaged to his beautiful girlfriend and the girls can’t wait to organise his HEN do!

Emma Hart

NPD Technologist

Emma is our graduate, who has also worked at Asda in her placement year. She’s a keen foodie and worked as a waitress to help pay her way through university. Amongst her responsibilities are developing her customer accounts, benchmarking and new product market reviews.

Emma likes drinking in her dressing gown and the team think she needs to get out more!

Emilia Loranc

Senior NPD Technologist

Who would have thought that Emilia’s Gastronomy Course in Poland all those years ago would lead her to us. She has worked for us for over five years in various roles, the latest as a Senior NPD Technologist.

Amongst her responsibilities are developing her customer accounts, benchmarking and new product market reviews.

Emilia likes baking and anything sweet, which the whole team enjoy the results of!