Occupational Health & Safety

Our flagship and award-winning H&S Department are at the forefront of delivering strategic solutions to ensuring everyone who comes to site, leaves in the same way they came; safe, unharmed and with everything intact. Our vision for health and safety is to ensure people go home in the same way they came to work, if not better educated with the additional knowledge of how health and safety impacts on everyone's lives, not just their own.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Journey Plans are designed, developed, implemented and reviewed in partnership with people who are assigned to work or visit any of our sites. Our H&S plans are undertaken by the people who work for us. The organisation is committed to being accountable in all areas for development.

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for all. To this end, our health and safety vision reflects a proactive and preventative behavioural-based approach that integrates Occupational Health & Safety into our culture, values and the way we carry out our business.

We recognise that in order to protect our staff and other stakeholders from injury, illness and other loss, we must value health and safety as much as our other core values and make it an integral part of our operating structure.

Troy Foods considers no aspect of its operation or administration more important than the health and safety of its employees, contractors, workers and visitors. This is achieved by maintaining safe and healthy working conditions and by fostering a culture focused on awareness, open communication, safety education and supervision, and safe working methods. Our goal is to reduce work related injuries and illnesses year on year by a process of continual improvement and commitment from our workforce.

Ian Arundel

Head of OH&S

Ian is the self-professed positive people person. He does not believe in stress, but is always there to lend an ear to those who 'feel' the stress. Since his arrival in 2008, Ian has propelled the company into the 21st century in terms of OH&S, and is passionate about keeping people safe. Ian works closely alongside his home at the Distribution Hub with the HR & Training Team and is well looked after with plenty cups of tea!

Championing the business to continually improve its OH&S strategies, he has a knack for knowing what works and what doesn't within our complex organisation. He loves his dog Tess, his Daughter who is a bowls champion and his Son, who works in the Navy. His Wife Helen is also a fan of his passion for OH&S, wearing his hi-visibility vest and coat everywhere he goes.

Email: iarundel@troyfoods.co.uk

Telephone: 0113 383 8400